This project demonstrates multi-camera YOLOv5 accelerated by the Hailo-8 on the Zynq UltraScale+. The setup has 4x Raspberry Pi cameras and can run on a few different Zynq UltraScale+ development platforms. Cameras are connected to the Zynq UltraScale+ development boards via the Opsero RPi Camera FMC. The Hailo-8 AI accelerator connects to the development board via the FPGA Drive FMC Gen4 or the M.2 M-key Stack FMC depending on the target design (see list of target designs).

A detailed description of this example design has also been written in the blog post Multi-camera YOLOv5 on Zynq UltraScale+ with Hailo-8 AI Acceleration.


The block diagram below illustrates the design from the top level.

ZynqMP Hailo AI architecture

Video pipe

The block diagram below illustrates the video pipe:

Video pipe sub-block diagram

End-to-end pipeline

The end-to-end pipeline shows the flow of image frames through the design from the source (cameras) to the sink (monitor).

End-to-end pipeline