Supported carrier boards

List of supported boards

Carrier board

FMC connector

AMD Xilinx ZCU104 Zynq UltraScale+ Evaluation board


AMD Xilinx ZCU106 Zynq UltraScale+ Evaluation board


TUL PYNQ-ZU Zynq UltraScale+ Development board


Digilent Genesys-ZU Zynq UltraScale+ Development board


Avnet UltraZed EV Carrier Card Zynq UltraScale+


Unlisted boards

If you need more information on whether the RPi Camera FMC is compatible with a carrier that is not listed above, please first check the compatibility list. If the carrier is not listed there, please contact Opsero, provide us with the pinout of your carrier and we’ll be happy to check compatibility and generate a Vivado constraints file for you.

Board specific notes

PYNQ-ZU and UltraZed EV carrier

Note that the PYNQ-ZU and UltraZed EV carrier boards have a fixed VADJ voltage that is set to 1.8VDC. The AMD Xilinx MIPI CSI Controller Subsystem IP documentation recommends an I/O voltage of 1.2VDC, and the Vivado tools prevent using the IP with IO standards that are not compatible with 1.2VDC. For this reason, all of the designs in this repository use 1.2VDC compatible IO standards, even though the I/O banks on the PYNQ-ZU and UltraZed EV carrier boards are powered at 1.8VDC. At the moment this is the only practical and functional workaround that we have found for these two target boards.